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A nutritious and balanced doggy diet…

At Alfie & Bella we want to promote as nutritious and balanced a diet as possible for your dogs. For this reason, we have a carefully chosen selection of dry, wet and raw dog foods, which will help to keep your best friend happy and healthy!

Take a look at the brands we stock and if you have any questions please come and visit us or ring us!

(p.s. if you have any special requests or interest in a brand we don’t stock, please ask and we’ll see what we can do… we don’t bite!)

Brand Overview


One of our best-selling brands and an excellent all-rounder using high quality ingredients. Burns is a family-owned business developed by veterinary surgeon John Burns and offers easily digestible, balanced nutrition with simple, straightforward recipes that are hypo-allergenic and suit most breeds. Available in dry kibble form and as moist food in pouches. Grain free options also available. Pet nutrition and health advice available directly from Burns, please check their website. We offer a very popular Burns loyalty card scheme here at Alfie & Bella, please just ask for details.

  • Dry: 2kg, 7.5kg & 15kg bags

  • Moist: 150g pouches (box of 12) or 400g pouches (box of 6)

  • Average price per kg: £4.33

Arden Grange

Another popular brand and excellent choice, providing a variety of nutritional, highly digestible recipes to suit most dogs. Natural supplements provide extra nutritional support in most recipes and ingredients are clearly listed. This family-owned business has “nutrition without compromise” at its core and offers an excellent selection of feeding options. Dry kibble available in store, moist food cans available to order. We also stock AG treats and the ever-popular AG liver paste!

Barking Heads

We introduced Barking Heads at Alfie & Bella 5 years ago and it continues to grow in popularity. And it’s easy to see why…high quality, natural ingredients, tasty recipes with plenty of grain free choices and a wide selection for small and large breeds. Labelling is clear and detailed and recipes are, of course, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. An equally wide selection of wet food pouches complement the dry kibble range.


One of our more recently introduced ranges at Alfie & Bella, Forthglade has been an instant hit. Its wonderful selection of wet food trays, all made in Devon, are hugely popular. Some include brown rice and others are grain free, but there is plenty of variety to choose from. Forthglade also offer 3 dry food recipes manufactured in Holland using an innovative cold-pressed method to retain as much natural goodness as possible.


This premium Canadian brand’s “biologically appropriate” and “whole prey” philosophy is taken very seriously in the manufacture of its high protein, grain free, low-glycaemic carbohydrate foods, resulting in a superb and diverse range, all created exclusively in their own kitchens in Alberta. Canada’s fantastic array of resources, both animal and plant, provides an unrivalled selection of whole fresh ingredients and steam cooking at low temperatures ensures a premium, minimally processed food that is nourishing, healthy and rich in protein. A deservedly award-winning brand.


As with its sister brand, Orijen, Acana follows the same core principles of using whole fresh ingredients, varied meats and limited low-glycaemic carbohydrates to produce an excellent range of dog foods that are rich in meat and animal products but offering a slightly lower protein ratio to those found in Orijen products. Nothing is outsourced and everything is manufactured to the highest standards in its own kitchens using the same regionally sourced premium quality ingredients. Acana is another superb range of dog foods from this award-winning Canadian brand.

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