The Canny Collar is an easy to fit, comfortable and award winning collar that can train your dog to walk without pulling or misbehaving. Winner of the Pet Product Retail Association’s Best New Product in 2006, this popular high quality collar is simple in design and impressive in results. Using a standard nickel-plated steel buckle and pin fitting for greater security, the webbing controls the movement of your dog’s head and the ‘pressure and release’ system applies gentle pressure to the bridge of the nose when they start to pull and this is released as soon as they stop. More comfortable and less restrictive than a head collar, the Canny Collar will not jerk your dogs head sideways or ride up into their eyes; this is a kind, safe and effective method of training. To ensure correct sizing of the Canny Collar measure around your dog’s neck snugly, to just behind their ears: Size 1 – 23 to 28cm Size 2 – 28 to 33cm Size 3 – 33 to 38cm Size 4 – 38 to 43cm Size 5 – 43 to 48cm Size 6 – 48 to 53cm Size 7 – 53 to 58cm