quirrel Resistant Wild Bird Seed Feeder
Easy to fill (without dismantling)
Powder coated steel with metal feeding perches
This London Squirrel Resistant Seed Feeder is a compact feeder which makes it ideal for feeding your birds in a smaller garden or patio area, whilst the strong, squirrel resistant cage which surrounds the internal, polycarbonate feeder has been designed with small gaps that only your small, garden birds can fit through which allows them to feed from the nutritious bird feed inside without the risk of being disturbed by larger birds or greedy squirrels.

With a hinged lid this bird seed feeder is easy to fill (without dismantling) with both bird sunflower hearts or seed mixes – whichever is most popular amongst your feathered friends, before easily being hung up ready for its first hungry visitors using the squirrel repellents feeders attached metal handle to hang from a branch, hook or feeding station.

Apart from the rare but occasional small, juvenile squirrel the bird food inside this feeder will be reserved for your friendly wild birds including; robins, blue tits, finches, great tits and house sparrows, and to ensure it remains safe for these lovely birds to use you should clean out the feeder regularly (every 8-10 weeks) which can easily be done with the London feeders as they can be fully dismantled so that every area of this sunflower feeder can be properly washed and cleansed.

The London squirrel resistant seed feeder has been constructed from powder coated steel with metal feeding perches for your feeding birds to stand on, as well as drainage holes in the base to stop the build up of rain water, and this seed feeder has been finished in a weather proof green coating which helps this modern bird feeder to fit into any style of garden.

Dimensions: H: 20.5 cm x Dia: 22 cm.