A tasty oven-baked and hypoallergenic complementary biscuit mixer meal for dogs. The perfect natural baked mixer for all our four-legged friends – not just those with sensitive tummies! This mixer meal is made with barley and oats from our Lincolnshire farm and is traditionally oven-baked, creating a crisp and crunchy biscuit to help remove plaque and keep your dog’s teeth clean, as well as helping to slow down fast eaters. The perfect addition to raw, cooked or canned meat, as well as our Laughing Dog grain free wet meals. Alternatively, you can simply mix with warm water to make a fluffy porridge for your four-legged friend! A complementary pet food for dogs. Perfect accompaniment to raw diets or cooked meat No added wheat or wheat gluten, soya or dairy No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Perfect accompaniment to our Laughing Dog wet adult complete dog food recipes Made on our farm in Lincolnshire Naturally oven baked Recyclable packaging